All Members of the Association acknowledge that the formation of their Association may potentially give rise to concerns regarding competition or anti-trust. All Members of the Association confirm that they have no intention to act in contravention of any competition or anti-trust legislation which may be applicable to them, or to create any cartel or barrier to trade.  All Members agree to comply with the Anti-Trust Guidelines.

The guidelines have been prepared for use by Members of the Association and can be found at Annex 1 to the Rules, available on this website. They are designed to avoid activities that might create or increase a risk of raising competition law concerns either through inappropriate information sharing between competitors at the same level of the market or by acting as a "hub" or conduit for inappropriate information sharing between participants at a different level of the market.  The policy, among other things, prohibits discussion of competitively sensitive information that could enable collusion between market participants. This includes business strategy, current or future pricing information, or the key commercial terms on which parties deal with counterparties.  This list is not exhaustive.  As such, each member will be expected periodically to review the antitrust policy.